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Introducing (the birds) of Two Birds Property Management

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Teresa Scrivens - Principal, Director and all things finance.

Kerrie Page - Co Founder and Property Manager extraordinaire.

If there has ever been two people to compliment each other in an industry that would be us. We have often been referred to as the two bodies one brain pair. Our brains have been synced since our meeting 6 years ago and our strengths compliment each other perfectly. We have worked back to back for the past 6 years and there hasn't been too many situations we haven't faced. We both have a passion for the Property Management industry and that is why we decided to take the huge step and venture out on our own. So if you are someone or know someone who is looking for a Property Management company with a difference please give us a call on 0400 973 385.

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